Summer program

Av Langedrag Naturpark | 24.06.2016 18:58

Daily Summerprogram


11am-1pm: Dogsledding, 15 minutes
(250/150 NOK,weather permitting)                           


11.30-12.30pm: Riding for children (50 NOK)


12pm: Feed the boar, muskox and moose   


1-2pm: Riding with voltige for children (50 NOK)


2pm: Feed the predators: Wolf, lynx, reindeer, artic fox and socialized wolf


3-5pm: Riding for children (50 NOK)


3.30pm: Visit the wolves(age limit 15, minimum 2 persons. 600 NOK)


3.30pm: Artic fox-camp, visit our foxes! (Minimum 5 persons, 100 NOK)


3.30pm: Zipline Park (185 NOK)


4pm: Horse and carriage-round «Gåsetjern» 10-15 minutes (100 NOK)


4.30pm: Visit the lynx (age limit 15, minimum 2 persons)                      


5pm: We milk goats; Have you tasted goat milk?

Thursday and sunday, 10-14pm we are gong to the "seter" with horses and goats. There we will tell stories about Langedrag and make goatcheese and charcoal stick. Price: 180 NOK per person, please send a mail to for registration. 

(There may be subject to change)