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Welcome to Langedrag mountain farm and wildlifepark

Langedrag lies like a fairy-tale castle around 1.000 metresabove sea level, in beautiful surroundings, with magnificent views of the lakes and mountains between Hallingdal and Numedal.
The construction of the farm started in 1978 to realise the family Thorson`s dream of a sanctuary for animals, birds and people.

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"Respect for life" is our heart-felt philosophy

We want the farm to be at one with nature as far as possible. With a great deal of  respect for nature's own selection over millions of years,we have here at Langedrag, tried to conserve the most natural and primitive breeds of each kind of animal.
Examples of this are the Norwegian fjordhorses, the goats, the mouflon sheep, the highland cattle, Telemark cattle and pigeons. They all have markings and colours which nature has given them in the competition for survival.

There are 25 different kinds of animals and birds with around 300 in total. The number varies with the seasons. In particular there are large fluctuations in the numbers of pigeons and rabbits because of birds of prey, foxes and stoats.
Other animals we have: yak, pecoks, geese, norwegian sheep "Spælsau", Alaskian Huskys and deer, 

On the farm, both young and old can wander around and experience the pleasures of petting our numerous domestic animals.  

We request that visitors observe the following rules:

  • All mixing with the animals is at your own risk.
  • It is forbidden to feed the animals. Misfeeding can lead to sickness and death.
  • Please do not smoke in the area.
  • All gats must be kept closed.

Hand-logged farm-house in old traditional style in 10" logs will  be the first sight to welcome you. With its good proportions, its heavy, sound and proud character, it demonstrates traditional architecture well adapted to modern demands. 

Have you visited our cafeteria? Langedrag waffles with sour-cream and jam, might taste good. You can buy white and brown homemade goat's cheese from the farm.

Home cheese production: The milk from our 50 milking goats is used for our own production of the characteristic Norwegian brown and white goat cheese.

Children farm: This is a resort for children and animals to associate freely.

Fishing: There are great opportunities for trout-fishing in the nearby lakes.

We can offer a wide range of programmes and activities by appointment.
At Langedrag there are opportunities for children-riding, fishing, guided tours by horse-and-carriage, programmes with various farm-activities, and hiking in the magnificent scenery in the surrounding mountains.

The farm is open for accodomation  all year around

The farm can offer a variety of refreshments to day visitors served in the pleasant surroundings of the cafeteria or beside the fireplace in our cosy dining-room. We will do our best to offer you a great and unique experience in close contact with animals and wildlife. You are most welcome for a day visit to our mountain farm and nature park.

Why not stay overnight at the farm ?

Every morning you can take part in milking the goats before eating a big farm-breakfast. Enjoy the mountain life during the day, and then the table is set for dinner in the evening.

Please contact us for an information brochure.

Langedrag Naturpark A/S
3540 Nesbyen
Phone: +47 32742550
Facebook: Langedrag Naturpark 
Snapchat: langedragnatur 

Opening hours: 10.00-18.00

The farm is open to the public all year around, and feeding time for the wolves, arctic foxes, reindeer and lynx is 14.00 and boar, musk and moose 12.30 saturday /sunday and every day during the school holidays.

We offer affordable prices:     (Low season in parenthesis)

Admission ticket adult:               NOK 270,- (210,-)
Admission ticket children:          NOK 220,- (170,-)
Children under 3: Free
Family 2 adult and 2 children:        NOK 950,- (740,-)

Accommodation package:          (Bed with breakfast)
Adult :                                         NOK 950,-     (660,-)
Children 9-15 years:                     NOK 740,-     (520,-)
Children 3-8 years:                       NOK 630,-     (410,-)

This include: Breakfast, packed lunch,3 courses dinner, entrence to the park two days, guiding tours and coffe/tea complimentery during the stay.

Renting bed linen:                       NOK 115,-
Singelroom:                               NOK 300,-
Singel bathroom:                        NOK  50,-